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Miraki Beauty Care Makes a Strong Entrance As the Exclusive USA Provider of “Skin Vital Concept” Master of Dermacosmetics in Europe.

A skincare collection with a combination of state-of-the-art equipment technology and all-natural formulas is set to bestow upon us and is what the United States has been waiting for.

December 4, 2019

Skin Vital Concept (SVC) sets new benchmarks for targets like complexion optimization and skin rejuvenation. With a well-performing and innovative product portfolio, SVC sets a new benchmark for sensational results in the aesthetic skin care industry.

The skincare system works with all skin types and amazes with quickly visible results that are sustainable and long-lasting.

The collection is a complete anti-aging-system that targets a general enhancement of the skin’s architecture, effectively reduces wrinkles and stimulates the immune system. SVC is a holistic treatment concept for inner and outer beauty – a concept based on the highest quality standards, functionality, and efficiency. SVC provides two lines: a personal care line and a professional line (for professional use only). The professional line is sold only to licensed estheticians, beauty care professionals, salons, spas, and medical facilities.

Gina Lopez, Co-Founder
Miraki Beauty Care


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Through the combination of high-end technology and high-end active ingredients in Skin Vital Concept creams and serums, the auto-regeneration process is specifically activated in the problem areas of the skin. Making Time Irrelevant