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At Miraki Beauty Care, we offer premium beauty care products and equipment from Skin Vital Concept to licensed skincare professionals. German Chemist Baroness Ulrike von Ginsheim created Skin Vital Concept products to satisfy the increasing demand for effective treatments that deliver immediate benefits to the skin for men and women. These products are proven to be exceptional options for skincare professionals.

Years of research, modern science, skincare experience, and inspiration from nature are the foundation of Skin Vital Concept. Utilizing the finest formulations supported by vanguard technology in conjunction with potent botanical ingredients known to the skincare science for its efficacy is the Skin Vital Concept commitment.

Skin Vital Concept is made in Wurzen, Germany, under the strict European and German laws and standards that govern over dermatology products; these standards meet and surpass regulations set for by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Skin Vital Concept was approved and certified by the Dermatest Research Institute (The first and most recognized international research dermatological laboratory on the market). Dermatest Research Institute evaluations and examinations are beyond the applicable standards and regulations set for the cosmetic industry and aimed to conduct tests and clinical trials to meet the highest scientific standards for quality, safety, and the effectiveness of cosmetic products.

Skin Vital Concept beauty products are plant-based, suitable for all skin types, safe for pregnant women, preservative-free, and do not contain harmful ingredients like mineral oils, parabens, silicone oils, PEG, Etc.

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Skin Concept Triplex

The smallest and most effective technology for each mobile beautician or clinic to provide the best services to their customers.

Skin Vibro

Vibration technology massage. The ultimate fitness workout for your face with proven effectiveness to combat age-related muscle loss.

MD-PH Neutralisation

Md-PH Neutralisation is used to neutralize md-aha-peel or md-glysal-peel. Works in 60 seconds.

MD Glysal Peel

Glysal and salicylic acid gel use for the treatment of pigmentation disorders, age spots, and skin irregularities.


Fruit acid gel made from mandelic acid, caviar lime, and wild plum to improve the appearance of the skin.

Power Lift S, Handpiece SKS

Power Lift S, Handpiece SKS

The special treatment is used for local stimulation of the highest epidermis and at the same time releases impulses for spot regeneration of the skin.

Applicator S for Lift S Hand-Piece SKS

Applicator S for Lift S Handpiece SKS

A unique use for local stimulation of the highest epidermis and at the same time releases impulses for spot regeneration of the skin.

Power Peel SKP

Power Peel Handpiece - SKP

This handpiece crowns promote the dissolution of the collagen-crystallization through their massage motion.

Vital Concept Abrasion Applicator

Abrasion Applicator

This applicator is very flexible in order to adapt optimally to different face shapes.

Lift L, Handpiece SKL

Lift L, Handpiece SKL

Unique non-invasive treatment technique that stimulates the epidermis comfortably and painlessly.

vital concept applicator l

Lift L, Applicator L

These applicators are to be used with the Lift L Hand-piece SKL

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Miraki Beauty Care is your exclusive US provider of Skin Vital Concept beauty products. This ultra-premium beauty care line was developed in Germany and is famously known throughout the European Union. Skin Vital Concept won the elusive Dermatest Award in Germany for the skincare line’s amazing and proven results.

At Miraki Beauty Care we are truly making time irrelevant for you!


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Through the combination of high-end technology and high-end active ingredients in Skin Vital Concept creams and serums, the auto-regeneration process is specifically activated in the problem areas of the skin. Making Time Irrelevant